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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Obama Hires Castro's Lawyer for White House Counsel

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Federal Troops kidnap Elian Gonzalas for Fidel Castro

As mentioned, upon accepting the case, Gregory Craig had flown to Cuba to confer with "El Lider Maximo" (translates almost exactly to Führer in German). To effectively stage-manage the boy's shanghaiing, Craig explained to Castro, he needed Juan Miguel in the U.S. According to most accounts, Castro balked at this. No plantation owner likes his slaves traveling (unescorted) outside his plantation. Plus, Castro was no doubt privy to Juan Miguel's early communications with his Miami cousins, thanking them profusely and saying he'd be soon make his own escape and join Elian.

So it took a little doing, but Craig finally prevailed -- that Castro's "escorts" would constantly accompany Juan Miguel in the U.S. (as witnessed by Pedro Porro) was probably the gist of the deal with Craig.

So in effect, the man who will serve as chief White House Counsel, once agreed to function as a fully deputized agent for a Stalinist regime's KGB-trained secret police.

This just keeps getting worse and worse...and it reminds me of the Obama Supporter with Che flag in her office...I think maybe President-elect Obama has one of those in his bedroom.


Straight to a Hitler reference.

Very sober. Very sane.

You'll have to bring that up with Castro...I have nothing to do with what he chooses to call himself.

Nice try at discrediting the messenger so that you won't have to deal with the message.

You know, on second thought...I doubt you even bothered to click through to the article.

The piece I clipped out was three-quarters or so through the article.

Shame on you, Gordon.