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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Today is Victory in Iraq Day!!!

Since the Leftist Media will not declare, or celebrate victory for America...we will.

Here is a chart of the monthly death totals for U.S. Military personnel in Iraq:

Click for Larger Chart (feel free to swipe it for your blog)
Source for figures: iCasualty

A chart can tell a viewer many things, and the eye can spot trends that might be lost by just looking at a column of numbers. No one can deny that since May of 2007, during the surge...the death rates have been drasticaly reduced.

I thank President Bush for instituting the Surge, and the US Military who carried it out, and the Iraqis who helped us achieve Victory in Iraq!

For more information, visit Gateway Pundit, who has more charts and an exhaustive listing of participants.



It's arbitrarily declare victory day! Woot! I'm also declaring it Hat Day!

This is a talking point, TP. Do better.

You must be so sad that we won, Gordon. It must break your lefty heart to be as wrong as Harry Reid.

You can see some of my previous coverage of our victory.

It is too bad that you may be forced to support soon to be President Obam as he engages in similar military action in the course of fighting World War IV.