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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Los Angeles County Burning

**scanner audio added to end of post**

California is burning down again.

I have been listening to some of the radio traffic from Los Angeles County, and it sounds pretty bad. I have followed a situation at a hospital that could not evacuate, but had to shelter in place as the fire storm approached. They lost all power, including backup...and were having to bag patients manually. I heard the local Fire and EMS try to coordinate some extra people to help wit the patients.

I also heard firemen report on the progress of the fire as it swept though subdivisions and trailer parks as dispatchers struggled to keep the communications lines clear and direct fire engines and ambulances to where they were needed.

I recorded the audio, and may edit together certain incidents and post them to You Tube later his weekend or Monday.

You can listen to these communications yourself, if you wish.

Here are some maps, TV Feeds, and Scanner Feeds for you to choose from:

Los Angeles County and Verdugo fire communications

Fire Maps

Southern California
Geographic Area Center Intelligence

LA Fox 11 TV Live Feed One and Live Feed Two and website.

Live Feed and website.

And for those of you who are Prayer Warriors, pray for the safety of the fire crews as they battle the flames, the EMS crews as they work to save lives and evac refugees, law enforcement as they try to keep order...and the refugees as they flees the flames and devastation to their homes.


The Los Angeles Fire Dept has a blog for public information and they seem to be posting timely information.

**11.45am** Here is the audio I recorded around 3am or so of the Sayre Fire (now calles the Sylmar Fire) just as it was taking off. I used video of the earlier Tea Fire in Santa Barbara and the video of the Sayre Fire as people began uploading them to YouTube...I edited out extraneous traffic and long pauses to concatenate the audio, which covered a ninety minute time span:

Part One

Part Two