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Monday, November 10, 2008

After Gay Marriage, Polygamy?

One of the arguments on the right against Gay Marriage is that it is the stepping stone, or slippery slope to other forms of polygamy, bestial marriages (called by them "interspecies marriage", group marriages, and worse (believe...there is worse).

Well, the progressive Democrats at DU (Democrat Undergound) have shown their hand in this thread about polygamous marriage.

I have preserved a few "pearls of wisdom" they use to support their cause:

The original question "[1] Should polygamy be illegal?"

[7] Only if it's forced or the people being married are not of age. If you're an adult and you want to be in a multiple marriage I see no reason why you shouldn't be allowed to.

[14] I think polygamy and polyandry should be legal what 2 or more consenting adults choose is none of my business when it comes to marriage. I said ADULTS.

[15] No and most arguments against it are sexist and insulting to women.

[25]'consenting adults' is the key phrase here. nice try though. This is also why interspecies marriage is out until we declare some other species sentient enough to be considered capable of 'adult consent'.

[36] I think someone should be able to marry as many or as few as is agreeable to all: CONSENT RULES! Either gender, both/and including polyamorous households who wish to marry as a group.

Hat Tip: John Hawkins, a North Carolinian superstar of the blogosphere.

There you have it. Just one more piece of evidence of the Gay Agenda...the destruction of marriage as a religiously sanctioned union of one man and one woman for the continuation of the species, and the core of the family unit.

What consenting adults do in their own homes is none of my business. They already have civil unions if they want it, and with a little forethought (if their goals were as stated) a Power of Attorney gives them the right to visit and conduct business in lieu of a sick 'partner'.

One wonders if, or when, these lefties will bring up the issue of a contract or term marriage as one of their "rights" they wish to win for their fellow man, women or beast.

And I also point out to you that the destruction of the traditional one man, one woman marriage would go a long way toward the destruction of western civilization that would allow lefties to build their utopian civilization. The philiosphy is called Revolutionary Defeatism. Read the article I link to, it will go a long way toward helping you understand the far left, and their evil plans for our civilization.

Our war with them is every bit as important as our war with Islamism.


Very interesting information Bobby. So glade your out there watching the icky Left for us.. This is a keeper for future reference. Good Job!!